Capt. Joe Geeb, 43, of the Clark County Fire Department is shown Thursday at the Clark County Fire Department Training Center in Las Vegas. Geeb was one of the first responders to the shooting scene and worked with police to use a new lifesaving tactic. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)

Joe Geeb didn’t know if there was one shooter, or 30.

When the call for a “mass casualty incident” blasted through the radio Sunday night, the Clark County fire captain had no idea what was happening on the Las Vegas Strip, but he immediately began thinking about how he would run toward the bullets, the mayhem and the carnage while everyone else was running away.

He quickly donned his flak vest and the helmet designed to withstand rifle fire and gunshots. Then he paused as a group of armed police officers created a protective bubble around him and other firefighters. Moving as one, the team hurled itself into the center of the chaos.

“I knew the officers had my back, and I would have had theirs,” Geeb said. “We’re going to go in together, and we’re going to come out together.”


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