About Homeland Security Magazine

Homeland Security Magazine was founded with one mission in mind: Develop the highest quality news, education and training content available for federal, state, local, international and private sector homeland security and counterterrorism professionals.

We are changing the homeland security media model, combining world-class journalism with real-world security and training expertise. The professionals behind Homeland Security Magazine have decades of experience producing national terrorism awareness training programs across the United States and internationally, and have served in various official capacities throughout the U.S. homeland security, defense, law enforcement and intelligence fields.

Dan Verton

Publisher & Executive Editor

Dan Verton is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years of reporting, writing, editing and multimedia experience working in the nation’s capital. He earned a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C., and his work has been recognized by some of the top journalism competitions in the country, including the first place 2003 Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award for Best News Reporting — the highest award in the nation for business/trade journalism.

His journalism career includes senior reporting and editing positions at Computerworld, Federal Computer Week, AOL Government, FedScoop and others. Dan also served as the Editorial Director of HSToday Magazine, where he stood up its first digital production division, developed the publication’s digital-first publishing model and established its social media presence.

Dan is a former intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps and has consulted and produced security training programs for the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, and the AMTRAK Police Department’s Special Operations Mobile Tactical Unit.

In one of his most recent roles, Dan served as an intelligence advisor and video producer to a nationwide Federal terrorism awareness training program designed to teach tens of thousands of industry professionals how to identify and report terrorism-related suspicious activities.

He’s written four books, including The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers and Black Ice: The Invisible Threat of Cyber-Terrorism, both published McGraw-Hill, and is featured prominently in a mini-documentary that is part of the 25th Anniversary Edition of the classic hacker movie, WarGames.

Editorial Advisors

Don L. Rondeau, Training & Editorial Development Advisor

Don is a Senior Advisor & Homeland Security Consultant for The Kenjya-Trusant Group, and is a TSA Approved First Observer Program Trainer.

In addition, Don is a two-time director of the pioneering DHS/TSA, anti-terrorism Highway Information Sharing Analysis Center. Rondeau played a key role in sharing and analysis of open source information and intelligence during significant events to include Hurricane Katrina, the July 5th, 2005 London bombings and multiple other events.  Former DHS Under Secretary of Infrastructure Protection, Robert Stephan praised Rondeau for his “tremendous leadership during his tenure as Director of the TSA/DHS directed ISAC.”

During his service to the nation, Rondeau has been credited with identifying multiple persons and situations deemed a danger to the United States. The IACSP named Rondeau the 2004-2005 Homeland Security Executive of the Year. As a result of his work, Don is often referred to as one of our nation’s most credible information sharing and analysis innovators. Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, cited Mr. Rondeau’s “commitment to protecting America” and stated that Rondeau played a “critical role in mitigating and preventing terrorist attacks.”

Don also served as Senior Project Executive for the TSA First Observer Program, the DHS Center of Excellence case studies on Hurricane Katrina and the DC-area Sniper attacks, United States Special Forces Command Psyops efforts and overseas security operations in Africa. Don has led the conduct of security surveys, risk assessments and internal investigations across all sectors and modes with emphasis on the transportation sector.

Mr. Rondeau’s success is grounded in his ability to serve as a conduit between the public and commercial sector. In addition to serving as a senior consultant to the federal government, Mr. Rondeau has spent time in the fortune 1000 as a company director, consultant and program manager. Rondeau understands the private sector.

Mr. Rondeau’s has developed and facilitated multiple emerging threat SITREP briefings to the Department of Homeland and to industry on behalf of DHS.

Rondeau is the developer and author of the lone wolf mitigation terrorist mitigation approach, Terrorist Ideology Counter Communication Strategy- TICCS and Red Teaming – The Don L. Rondeau Method. Don is a veteran of the USCG.

Don L. Rondeau has been featured on Major Network news reference multiple security related topics (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, HSTV, CBS)

Chris Geldart, Editorial & Training Advisor

Chris Geldart is President of CT Geldart and Associates, and is the former Director of Washington, D.C.’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. Prior to leading the District of Columbia’s homeland security and emergency management efforts, Chris served as the Director of the Office of National Capital Region Coordination at the Department of Homeland Security.

He is the former President and CEO of G2 Solutions a provider of full spectrum homeland security and emergency management consulting services. Prior to starting G2 Solutions Mr. Geldart was the Vice President for Homeland Security and Emergency Management for URS Corporation.

Jessie Lee, Ph.D., Editorial & Training Advisor

Jessie Lee currently serves as a senior consultant for Police Services & Program and Research Activities at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and is a managing partner at LEE, MCMAHON & ROSENBLATT, LLC Global Policing Strategies and Services.

With more than thirty years of experience in law enforcement, Mr. Lee’s career has included nearly a decade as the former Executive Director of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Professionals (NOBLE), and most recently as a senior member of the executive search and assessment center team for the International Chiefs of Police (IACP).

Mr. Lee is a graduate of the 195th Session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and graduate of Northwestern University’s Traffic Institute School of Staff and Command (53rd) in Evanston, Illinois.

Michael Pena, Editorial & Training Advisor

With 35 years’ experience in emergency preparedness, response, recovery, continuity of operations, homeland security and facility protection, Mike Pena is currently the EVP for Homeland Security Solutions at Apprio, Inc. There he oversees contract support to Federal agencies for homeland security and emergency management. In this position, Mike also serves as the corporate Facility Security Officer.

Mike’s background includes 21 years of experience as a first responder with the New York City Fire Department’s (FDNY’s) Special Operations Command. As a member of the FDNY, Pena served with the elite rescue companies in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He also served and deployed with the New York City Task Force 1 as part of FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue program where he served as a rescue team manager and planning and information specialist.

Prior to Apprio, Mike managed Brookhaven National Laboratory’s (BNL) Laboratory Protection Division for the Department of Energy where he served as the director. There he managed the protective police force, fire rescue, emergency management office and security operations for classified programs where his responsibilities included critical infrastructure protection, emergency preparedness, response, and training.

Before joining BNL, Mike was director of response operations for DHS FEMA Region 2. In this position, he was responsible for coordinating and implementing the federal response to major disasters, including planning, operations, emergency communications and logistics within New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Roland Sprewell, Editorial & Training Advisor

Roland Sprewell currently serves as a Critical Infrastructure Assessor/Intelligence Liaison & Fire Captain at Los Angeles County Fire Department. In this capacity, Roland works shoulder to shoulder with the Homeland Security and Intelligence communities and other stakeholders to collect, analyze and fuse worldwide, national, regional and local intelligence related to “all-risk” threats; and produce informative materials, educate and train public safety officials to plan and respond tactically to those threats.

Roland’s expertise and training experience includes developing strategic and tactical planning for mass gatherings and large scale events; assisting in the design of table-top, functional and full-scale exercises; conducting threat-based, security and vulnerability assessments to critical infrastructure; consult, present and brief corporate and CI stakeholders regarding options for consideration to prevent, plan for and mitigate all-hazards related events, consistent with the National Response Framework and National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

Roland’s current work focuses on initiatives with the energy, education, and transportation sectors. He serves as a project manager with department’s “active shooter” and Tactical Emergency Medicine Services initiatives; adjunct Hazmat/WMD instructor; workplace violence, and “Run, Hide and Fight” instructor.

Christopher Hinn, Editorial Advisor

Christopher Hinn is the former Senior Advisor, Middle Eastern Affairs, at the Department of Homeland Security, and also served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for International Programs at the Transportation Security Administration.


Joe Charlaff, Editorial Advisor and Middle East Contributor

Joe is a graduate of the London School of Journalism and a Jerusalem-based freelance writer covering homeland security, emergency medical preparedness, business, technology and airport security.

Joe’s stories have appeared in many top publications including Jane’s Defence Weekly, Jane’s Homeland Security Review, Jane’s Airport Review, The Economist, Homeland Security & Resilience Monitor, and the Jerusalem Post.